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The Primacy of untruth

Obama's behavior is worse than disgraceful, it is decidedly un-presidential and it is deadly and dangerous. Like most of his acts, it is an egregious abuse of his authority as a leader to commit us to a course of action which is not only costly but makes no sense if he is really, as he says he is, determined to wipe out ISIS. Is this yet another sign that he's letting his Sunni ties and allegiance be stumbling blocks to protecting American lives both here and abroad. Has he done this in order to promote the circumstance that he appears to be striking out at our enemies while he continues to weaken the United States and promotes his own controversial cause — and to promote his own "leadership" on the issue. Excuse mention "leadership" and Barak in the same sentence is counter intuitive.Our military has been cut too much too deep. The Defense Department has borne the brunt of spending reductions, even though Social Security and Medicare make up a greater portion of federal spending. As Rubio stated, “adding insult to injury, the savings found in the defense budget were redirected to already bloated domestic programs.” These cuts, 21 percent in four years, have resulted in “a perilous strategic weakness.” And this is continuing into a time when Islamic terrorists are entering the country through our intentionally mandated, porous southern border. The terrorists have vowed to kill citizens of the United States in our own country. As the story goes, the first to be killed should be Veterans and, when possible, Active Duty Military ( sources: CNN, NBC and Fox ). Logic would dictate we return to the former Secretary of Defense Robert Gate’s Fiscal Year 2012 budget as recommended by the bipartisan National Defense Panel. The increased budget would allow the military to invest in "two vital objectives for national defense: modernization and innovation.”Is it any wonder Obama insisted in his Wednesday night speech that the Islamic State is not Islamic — what is it? Hindu? Zoroastrian? A lost tribe of Hasidic Jews? — and that we are fighting an amorphous “terrorist group” (the Irish Republican Army? Basque separatists perhaps?), not the jihadism whose violent ideology has so obviously metastasized across several continents under many guises during his administration with no end remotely in sight. He dares not name our enemy, although it’s almost impossible to imagine how we could win without doing so. He cannot say anything that’s true because he doesn’t know what is true or, perhaps more likely, is terrified to know and then have to admit it. If he did, everything would unravel, not just the jejune Marxism of Frank Marshall Davis. Everything.Obama grew up on the anti-imperialist mouthing's of lefty poet Frank Marshall Davis, schoolboy revolutionary Bill Ayers and later anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi , not to mention the well-known anti-American excrescences of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and now he has to go to war — as an imperialist — against the very Third World people he was told again and again we colonized and destroyed. His head must be about to explode.If Gun Control had passed, as he and his pernicious crowd wished, we would be abjectly vulnerable in our own our own houses. Has anyone checked lately how many Islamist training facilities are situated in the U.S.? We don't really know what they are teaching in these facilities because our intelligence community- like our Military - has been neutered. Can we look at what is happening and come to the conclusion that what has happened is an accident? There is no way that Obama’s can now “get himself together” because there’s no way to do so. Those members of his own party who are real Americans...and it's a shame there are so few...are turning against him. You reap what you sow, Barry. You won the Nobel Peace Prize for no discernible reason other than you use the proper "green" toilet paper and you suffer the consequences of the famous dictum attributed to Leon Trotsky: ”You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.” And at this moment war is very interested in Barack Hussein Obama even though he couldn’t be less interested in it or know how to manage it. Yo...Barry! Saul Alinsky would be proud of you. You've created an enormous crisis even Saul couldn't imagine. Problem have no freaking idea how to deal with it. Jim Morris

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