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/ - When Washington takes its bombing campaign against Islamic State fighters into , the most it can probably hope for from one of its closest allies in the region will be grudging consent.
, a NATO member with a big US airbase and long borders with both and , has made clear that it is still unconvinced by US President 's plans to bomb Islamic State fighters in two of its neighbors.
While Washington won backing last week for a military coalition from 10 Arab nations -, , , and six Gulf states including rich rivals and - attended the talks but did not sign up.
Obama got elected eight years ago because he presented himself as an intelligent, competent, moderate candidate who’s going to change the culture of D.C. Turns out he wasn’t any of the things he said he was. He was the exact opposite. One of the myriad proofs of this was his appointment of Mrs. "What does it matter" as Secretary of State and her subsequent replacement by noted "war hero" Pickle Kerry. The entire administration is deaf to any anything which smacks of...or resembles...the truth. Their major forte is untruth and inuendo. But that is the consistent characteristic of administrations...they mime their leader. "We the people" are the ones who put a despot, tyrant and individual who wouldn't know the truth if it bit him on the butt in office. Only "we the people" can change that!As an example of Obama's indifference to his constituents needs and feelings...read on. Our president was “heartbroken” over U.S. journalist James Foley’s execution and said it was hard for him to hold back tears while speaking with Foley’s family. The president did, however, find strength through his anguish and was able to go golfing that same day...humming "My Dog's Bigger Than your Dog" as he stepped to the 1st Tee. I suspect Barack was contemplative during his golf game, but not over a dead American. After all, he himself has ordered such executions of America's enemies with drone attacks. I suspect his concern was with the situation facing Saudi Arabia, a desert ruled by Bedouin beheaders...yet Sunnis. Was it a perverse flip-flop in ideology to keep the price of oil down or the fact that he is, in fact, a Sunni himself. Remember, if you will, he bowed to Abdullah.I would not want to accidentally scare you so I'm sending this to you on purpose, this is the real deal! Copy and paste if necessary.
A message from a former muslim to president Obama ~ scary!
  Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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