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 LIFE ITS OWNSELF: Contradictions of a way of life, sanity and reason.There have never been more contradictions to our way of life than the myriad changes the progressive liberals have foisted upon us since 2007. We now have in our gas tanks. Efficient? Hell NO! Even as a minimal additive, it degrades and decreases engine life. It has also raised the price of corn in the super market. It's a double whammy! While it's shortening the engineered life of our cars, it's costing more to put it on the dinner table.To date, while traveling in our traditionally gasoline powered Tahoe, we have encountered 14 families on the highway who have run out of electrons(?) in their electric cars and have been stranded. This count includes 8 families who have been stranded because their Hybrids malfunctioned. I'll be the first to admit that gasoline is costly but I consider it the price I pay to comfortably and seamlessly travel from point A to point B. While on the subject of gasoline, think back to 2008 when Obama promised us that the price of gas would double or triple due to his Global Warming preparations. Within a week...gasoline doubled in price. How did that happen??? Did a large segment of the national inventory of gasoline suddenly disappear? Hey! I've listened to him. He's no visionary. But, he is anti-American. Shame on me for driving a Tahoe...but it gets me there...and back. If I have to pay a few bucks more to comfortably and safely reach my what?As things apply to Global Warming, the administration and it's misguided scientific battalion have had to change the name of Global Warming several times in order to have time to wipe the egg off of their collective faces before yet another refutation of their lies. Since it has been proven that since 1991 we've been experiencing a cooling trend, most of them have had to utilize a soothing ointment on a body orifice different from their mouths. But wait! Another Ice Age could be right around the corner...especially in northern climates. With the restrictions the administration is placing on the coal industry, this winter, which is expected to be colder than normal, could prove to be a great experiment for that liberal progressive policy. The Grid won't handle the load!Recall how we were told by Obama that the world, civilization, owes a “debt to Islam." The debate on whether we in fact do or do not is one for a different time. But not so debatable is the fact that “if” there was some type of “golden age” in the Muslim world, it halted long ago, abruptly and for inexplicable reasons. Those who descended from the “golden age," as the President refers,routinely rely on a hole in the ground for a toilet, treat their women like an NFL running back does in an elevator, and decapitate non believers for video consumption. ISIS declares themselves soldiers for Islam. They seek a caliphate controlled Mideast, a state. To declare, as the President has declared, that something less is true belongs in the wishful thinking which one finds manifested in the sexual graffiti on men's rest room walls. Just as Obama declared that the world owes so much to the Golden Age of Islam...whenever that was...he can’t grasp the fact that this war is a religious one.Enter Michelle...Feathers have been ruffled at California’s Ventura High School, where the principal this week banned the football booster club from selling Chick-fil-A sandwiches over fears that people might be offended. What, pray tell, could people find offensive about a plump juicy chicken breast tucked between two buttered buns? Were English teachers put off by the restaurant chain’s grammatically challenged bovine pitchmen? This is a classic example of those preaching inclusivity and diversity being the least inclusive and diverse of all. And they actually believe everything Obama says! But then...that's California--home of the "Doodle Dashers".Continue, Michelle...It’s a best-seller at bake sales, a king of American confections, even a mandatory munchie of marijuana users. But the iconic chocolate brownie, that perfect blend of cake and cookie, is banned in Vermont schools. In its place are new hoped-for kid favorites like fruit shish kebab, kale and even gluten-free paleo lemon bars. The switch stems from nutrition mandates...madness(?)...required under the new "Smart-Snacks-in-Schools" program in effect for public schools. While I'm on the favorite munchie subject...our Forest Service has proposed that campers eschew "SMORES" as we know them. They say that replacing the Hershey with grilled pineapple slices will deliver the same level of satisfaction as the chocolate. The Secret Service needs to check out what the Forest Service is doing with all those illegal marijuana plants their employees are finding...after they temporarily sober up and  quit "chasing prostitutes". C'mon! Who has to chase a prostitute?Jim Morris
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