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Pathological liar

Patriot Writes Speech for Obama!

Joyce Shaffer is a good friend of mine but also a gifted country singer who is a great patriot. On her facebook fan page (Joyce Shaffer Fan Page) she writes a daily "rant" regarding Obama and what is going on in Washington. She has earned the title of, "America's Singing Patriot" and continues to speak out to save our America. Here is her rant for today. Come join her fan page if you are a patriot and also like good political, patriotic country music along with country gospel. Joyce Shaffer Fan PagePosted by Joyce Shaffer ·

.Good morning, Patriots!! Seems Mr. o is having trouble finding the proper words to say to America, so I have volunteered to write his speeches FROM NOW ON!! Today will be the "ice breaker" and I truly hope he taps into this page and copies my suggestion for his next "fiasco" on tv! Let me know what I missed on this one….here goes…!!" Dear America….I stand before you a pathological liar! I have lied about my birth, denied the blood line of my mother, sealed any records that would give you the truth about myself and my intentions for America. I have lied to you about my religious preference, because it would give away the horrible plan I have in mind for your nation…..soon to be MY nation! I'm not concerned about the failures to defend Americans, because I have stalled on making decisions long enough, that ISIS and other wonderful groups, are doing my job for me!!! Isn't that the "Chicago Way"? Let someone else do your dirty work and I sit back with a smirk on my face, because you DON't HAVE A CLUE….!! Why else, do you think, I would not react swiftly against those in our gov't who allows FAST AND FURIOUS, Benghazi, IRS, spying on Americans, ILLEGAL ALIENS flooding America and OPEN BORDERS for ALL to flood in?!! The guards on the USA/Mexican border are ordered to not stop or bother the illegals as they flood in….unchecked and undocumented to the cities and schools of America! Sometimes, I even order them to use bean bags as their weapons against the DRUG CARTEL of Mexico!!! I mean……I can't have them blasting the guts out of those "innocents", can I??? Wouldn't set well with the people who are "backing" me… know, Georgie and the rest like him..!! You surely don't want me to follow the footsteps of Pres. Truman, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, or Reagan??? I choose, instead, to divide the nation by using my regime to make comments on matters that should be left in the hands of local or State gov't. There are wise people at that level and I just can't TRUST them to kiss up to me and my policies, so racial division will….once again….do my dirty work for me!! I am wise beyond my years….!! Just to make sure I have the vote for those who are like me, all sewn up, I pretend to care for the poor, the underprivileged women, the immigrants from other lands and the race EVERYONE seems to want to PICK ON! It doesn't matter that they are strong, wise, perfectly capable of becoming someone GREAT, let's keep that a secret….I will fuel the fire of hate and make them realize how everyone abuses them…that way they won't have time to become more than I will ALLOW them to be. They are my puppets….once again, doing my dirty work for me….I'm clean..! I DON'T WANT them to know their FULL value and POTENTIAL, that just wouldn't work for me!!! I mean, if my brothers and sisters WISE UP, they would INSIST that I cut taxes and leave the jobs for them in AMERICA…..instead of mailing them a "penitence" of what they could earn for themselves and their families. I crippled the education programs by filling it with Liberal fools, who honestly believe we are all on the same playing field!! Ha! I muddle their minds with works instead of initiative! I get them sidelined on what to eat instead of teaching!! They are required to patrol the parent population and encourage children to become the parent of the household. Parents are just "for money" purposes and their values and rules DO NOT MATTER!! We will feed the children and have them "snitch" on parents in order to gain control of them and their minds! No flag and no God to give them a glimmer of anything other than BIG BROTHER GOV'T.!! Do they have a surprise coming!!! Wait until they graduate and get a job…that first pay stub with all the TAXES withheld…..THEY ARE OFFICIALLY GROWN UP! HA! Freedom is OPPORTUNITY to be all you can be and I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT HAVE THAT! Illegals will continue to fill the spaces needed to keep my kind and my mindset in POWER!! When I have finished with them…..well…… Wonder why I traded FIVE TERRORISTS for one homegrown terrorist/deserter? I need them free to continue doing my dirty work. I can side- step Congress and the American levels of controlling someone like me, ANYTIME I WANT TO!! What are they going to do?? I've already PROVED there are NO CONSEQUENCES for my actions!! BUT…..the people who can mess me up are the common sense ones!! The ones who pray to their GOD and I know He hears them!!! I'm still trying to unravel the mess of my wonderful HEALTHCARE program……God sure had input or I could've pulled it off w/o a hitch!! I'm concerned too many TRUE AMERICANS will get word of what I truly am up to and throw a "kink" in the "kog"!! If they get really serious with this "God fellow" it could sink my ship! I have done very well ignoring N.Korean, Iran, Syria, our military needs, our veterans, Congress, the open borders, ObamaCare, the spying on Americans, IRS targeting folks, Benghazi, and the latest demonic attack against Americans Sotloff and Foley, BUT…..I have concerns about GOD getting involved. So…….if Christians are persecuted for His namesake, MAYBE…..just MAYBEEEE they will layoff and get with the program I am working to install in the last FREE NATION on EARTH!!! In the meantime, I will smile and play golf and hope America will "sleep on" and God will mind His own business!!! After all…..I AM BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!!"So, my true American Patriots…….maybe this will encourage him to be what he truly is……we see it coming, anyway. Why not be straight up with it??? Or….will WE be the ones who will pray and OUR GOD…THE God, will cause Mr.o and his cronies to go up in smoke and America stand strong and proud, once again?!! We are the ones who can "mess him up". Let's get 'er done…on our knees! Just sayin'…. Blessings, ME  

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