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message to little Barry

Barry,I know you're pissed! You're not getting your way. Instead of picking up your marbles and going home ,you decided to "get even with whitey and anyone else who disagreed with you"! How could we not acknowledge your divinity and declare you "Ruler For Life" know, like Idi Amin?At first you tried to destroy the economy but "that damned DOW" keeps coming back. How could you have foreseen that ? Your phony "green power enterprises" used the Billions you sent them and they failed. That would seem to indicate that you failed. But we know that's impossible...right?Your backing of Al Gore's fraudulent global warming schemes to line his and other elitists pockets was revealed to be what it was...a very expensive gimmick. No wonder you're pissed.Initially you fooled enough people to get you into the White House and they remained your dupes at least long enough for you to foist ObamaCare on us. Now, everyone but you, Harry and Nancy...maybe Eric...want to change it. What does it matter anyway, you guys have your medical plans which demand that you don't have to fall under the egregious ObamaCare plan.Then you really got pissed. You set out to weaken the Military by trashing the careers of Senior Officers who didn't take you seriously as a Commander in Chief. Good job there! You got it done. You showed the militant bastards!Your core supporters...the media...still had their noses buried in your posterior and you put the government on "cruise control" while you played golf or took taxpayer funded vacations. Truth to tell, you've been on vacation for your entire tenure.Now, to prove that you have the smelliest anus, you've weakened our southern borders at the same time you've enabled an Islamic terrorist group. Much of what you've done is treasonous at best. But this is traitorous and you have morphed into the Traitor Emeritus!!!Congratulations, Barry!!!    Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.
325 203 3962

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