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Feerguson & a bit more - JIm Morris

Permit me to begin with a brief note from A and P ( Anatomy and Physiology ).Humans are "deuterostomes"...which means that when humans develop in the womb, the 'anus' forms before any other opening. This freely translates into the fact that at one point, we humans were nothing but an "asshole".Regrettably, Harry Reid and a number of other democrats never developed beyond this stage in growth. Actually, it is rumored that Harry broke six fingers trying to learn *Ameslan.On several occasions I've been asked my opinion of the situation taking place in Missouri which ended, then began, with the shooting of Michael Brown. I was not there so all I can do is apply my own logic...if, indeed, I have any...to what I have seen, read and heard. Starting at reveille...can we assume that Michael Brown awoke and decided to go strong-arm a box of cigars? Would it be presumptuous to assume that the police officer in question arose with the signal intent of shooting and killing someone? Did Michael Brown panic? Did the officer in question panic? I can't answer those questions. The only question I can answer is: "Did Al Sharpton wet his pants in joy when he heard about the shooting?" Hell Yes!!!Adjunct to the uproar in Missouri, now we hear that President Obama and his twisted Atty. Gen., loathe to letting Al Sharpton upstage them, have ordered a "re-autopsy". I'll bet that there are a lot of people, having lived through six years with these two pseudo-luminaries, wished they could "re-vote".The police and the Missouri Highway Patrol failed to quell the uprising and now the "funding depleted" National Guard, armed with sling-shots and wearing baseball catcher's chest protectors, have been called up. Rumor has it that the poorly funded troops arrived on the scene in discarded school busses. And the "beat" goes on.Obama, infuriated at being forced to leave the golf course and return to D.C., is reportedly going to have Sec. State John Kerry travel to the scene. If this does, in fact, happen, will Kerry verbally beat the issue to death then arm the 'rebels'?Well...you did ask.        * American sign language  Jim Morris
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