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The drunken prosecuter

Beware the drunken prosecutor. Rosemary Lehmberg is a prosecutor who likes to drink and also is drunk on power.  She is the District Attorney for Travis County, Texas. In 2013, Lehmberg was arrested for driving under the influence.  In a rant, she threatened the police officers who arrested her.  Eventually she submitted to a chemical test that revealed the alcohol content of her blood to be almost a .24.  In plain non-lawyer English, that means she was three times the legal limit. In plain Texas English, she was drunk. In addition to being drunk that night in 2013, she threatened the police officers who arrested her.  The threats were so worrying to the police officers that they video taped Lehmberg during the arrest process and at the jail where she was put under restraint and blood was drawn. Despite calls from a number of people, including Texas Governor Rick Perry to resign, she would not.  In most states, most prosecutors who were arrested for DUI would resign.  In most states, probably including in the Travis County Texas DA’s office, an assistant District Attorney who was arrested for drunk driving and who had a blood alcohol level three times the legal limit would be fired. But Rosemary Lehmberg is a liberal Democrat. Travis County is Austin Texas, the one big spot of blue in the otherwise generally red map of the state of Texas. Governor Rick Perry thought that her arrest rendered Lehmberg unfit to be a prosecutor.  So he told her, either resign or he would veto funding for the public integrity section of the prosecutor’s office.  Lehmberg refused so Perry vetoed funding for her office. Democrats across the nation are learning the prosecutor’s office may be the most important one to control.  Yesterday Lehmberg’s office indicted Governor Rick Perry for doing his job. The left immediately jumped all over this.  They claimed this destroys Perry’s chances of becoming the next President. There is no question this will hurt him and the left and the media will repeatedly bring this up in 2016, even though the charges will eventually be dismissed. The Travis County DA’s office has long been out of control.  The previous DA, a far left wing Democrat indicted then Majority Leader Tom Delay.  Delay was the most powerful Republican in Congress at the time and was despised by the Democrats.  The Democrat DA indicted him and led him on a five year legal odyssey that was finally resolved when the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the convictions and threw the charges out. Conservatives need to reign in this rogue prosecutor’s office.The Texas Legislature needs to totally defund the Travis County DA’s office.  Assign its duties to the Texas Attorney General’s office. Conservatives must act now.  Liberals have long wanted to make conservatism criminal.  They are trying it in Wisconsin with the so-called “John Doe” investigations into conservative groups.  In Texas, a rogue prosecutor is using an indictment to ensure that Governor Rick Perry’s political career is destroyed. She is using her office for retribution against a political decision that is Perry’s to make. Either conservatives act now or any state that has a left wing prosecutor will be able to frog march every promising conservative politician into jail.

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