Conversation at Martha's Vinyard
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Conversation at Martha's Vinyard

Could we have been a fly on the wall in the residence on Martha's Vineyard, we might have heard the following conversation...  Michelle: ( Whining ) This isn't fair! You get to play golf and have fun and I have to sit around and watch the girls all day. All these Honkies make me sick. And now you tell me I have to sit at the same table as that Honky Clinton bitch and play "kissy-huggy?!?! She's nothing more than "poor white trash" dressed by Gucci!Barak: ( Irritated ) How do you think I feel? I've still got her knife wounds in my back. Just like she when she voted for the Iraq invasion after 9-11. Then, a couple of months later, jumped all over George for invading Iraq. She's a blood thirsty, two-faced bitch and she has even fewer scruples than Bill!  As for the know that's what I'm supposed to do while Valerie and the others figure out what to put on the teleprompter about all these damned crises.Michelle: ( in a snide tone ) Are they going to address the fact that for four years that bitch backed your plans to topple the middle class Honkies and cede the rest of the world to our friends...the Muslim Brotherhood?Barak: ( Placatingly ) Don't know, Michelle. I won't know what I'm supposed to say until they tell me. In the meantime, I'm supposed to play golf while "they" plan the strategy. My job is to make it all shiny with my eloquence.Michelle: ( Still snide ) When are you going to say something of your own? You do have an idea every now and then. Doesn't it ever bother you that most of your handlers are Honkies?Barak:Our day will come!Michelle: ( Becoming nasty ) Our you call coming to and end, you fool! The White House, the free vacations-paid for by the Honkies...lobster for breakfast! Hell! Even the Black folks are starting to get wise to the bag of crap you sold them and are dropping you like a hot rock. Even that butt-kissing Harry Reid is showing signs of moving away from you. If you take a quick turn, you won't break his neck anymore...just his nose!  I won't belabor the point. And no...I'm not worried about my perception; I'm worried about theirs! But it's not the lame duck Obamas which gives me pause at this point, even thought he can still do damage. I am chiefly worried about Hillary Clinton, who, apparently, didn't leave the White House with enough souvenirs. She seems to want more and besides, Bill would have more time to chase interns. On the Vicious-o-meter, though, Barak is a 5.6: Hillary is a 10+!The brassiness, dishonesty and shamelessness of Hillary became legend long before the keys to 1600 were turned over to the Clintons. The facts are that Hillary's chief interest in law school was finding ways to help the Black Panthers who were on trial in Connecticut for torturing and finally killing a federal agent. She was in the courtroom every day as part of a law student monitoring committee to try a find civil rights violations and develop grounds for the expected appeal.Hillary interned with Bob Truehaft, the head of the California Communist Party. She met him when she represented the Panthers and traveled to San Francisco to take an internship with him. Her nickname for him was "Trueshaft". In addition to Truehaft's association with the Communist Party, another senior partner in the firm, Doris Walker was, and still is, an active member of the Communist Party. Walker characterized herself and Hillary as "the only living Communist Party members of my generation."It is a point of fact that Hillary flunked the D.C. Bar exam and finally only passed the Arkansas Bar. Unable to find a law firm which would hire her in Arkansas, she was hired by the University of Arkansas Law School...mainly because Bill was already teaching there. And yes, she was ultimately given a job by the very prestigious Rose Law Firm but only after Bill became the Arkansas Attorney General. Then after Bill was elected Arkansas Governor, Hillary was made a partner in the firm. My oh my...Lions, Tigers and Bears!There's a lot more about Hillary but this is enough to get us started. We began this junket in Martha's Vineyard and ended up in Arkansas. Hmmm! Jim's Tours.  Jim Morris
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