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The leader of ISIS has promised that they'll see us in New York and they will fly the black Jihad flag over the White House. My response to that is: you can have Bloomberg and deBlasio from New York and the whole damned state of California. As for the White House...I fear a Muslim already occupies it. All that is left to do is hoist the flag.
  • ISIS now occupies a land mass the size of Belgium and their occupation is growing daily. Daily, Obama is playing golf on our dime!
  • ISIS is much more bloody and violent that Al Quieda and has more money and arms. Yo! Barak! Nice double Bogie on #11!
  • Do you think that ISIS doesn't see that open immigration is a great way to infiltrate America? OOPs! Hooked that drive! Damn!!!
  • It was predicted today that before ISIS could be stopped, they would easily massacre 400,000 people. No worries, Barak. We're sodding over the sand traps.
Some residents of a New Jersey town are unhappy about a decision to rename the local "John F. Kennedy Center" to the "Barack Obama Center." Fancy that! The Willingboro Township Council voted...unilaterally...earlier this week on the name change and will vote again to add the word "President" in front of the center’s new designation. This is the same state that had a resident flying a Jihad flag outside his home this morning. But, back to the name change, couldn't the guy with the "pen and phone" be called Unibama? Kinda has the ring of truth, doesn't it?!It astounds me that people cannot see that Obama neuters his ( pseudo)sincerity with his domestic and foreign policy malfeasance. On domestic policy, he speaks "Alinski". On foreign policy, he speaks a combination of "Allah" and "Alfred E. Neuman"*. But he can sit back and coast now, having set into motion policies that, if left unchecked, fulfill his promise of fundamentally transforming the United States of America -- undermining our heritage of Liberty and all that is good and right about our great nation. The big problem is..."we the people" have barely seen the surface of this transformation scratched. The worst is yet to come!Of course, the White House did announce that Unibama will interrupt his vacation for a quick hop back to DC on Monday ( while they sod over the sand traps ), probably to sign an executive order fast-tracking citizenship for illegal immigrants -- you know, the ones who are taking all those jobs from Unibama's most vociferous base supporters, and enabling them to remain, in record numbers, on government subsistence. Could this be the straw...? Be that as it may, if called to answer for his destruction of America, he Nuremberg style, say, "I was just carrying out the orders of Valerie."Memo to America: "BOHICA! Oh...and FORE!* The "Mad Magazine" icon whose mantra was "What? Me worry?"Jim Morris
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