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Hamas's decision to fire rockets in the direction of Ben Gurion Airport may well have ended any real prospect of a two-state solution.Whether the regulators and airlines that have stopped flights to and from Israel are right or wrong, this stoppage cannot possibly be tolerated by a democratic country that relies so heavily on tourism and international travel. Itis, of course, a war crime to target an international civilian airport, as Hamas has clearly done. Israel has every right to keep that airport open, employing all reasonable military means at its disposal. Since Hamas fires its rockets from densely populated civilian areas, there will be more Palestinian civilian deaths. Call it a shame but who is to blame? I've long been a proponent of the philosophy of warfare which dictates that to win an engagement with an enemy which has a proclivity for excessive brutality, one must display a level of brutality which transcends anything the enemy can possibly imagine. It's common sense! The international community, which has a significant stake in protecting international air traffic from terrorist rocket attacks, must support Israel's efforts to stop these attacks—permanently. If Hamas is allowed to shut down Israel's major airport, every terrorist group in the world will begin to target airports throughout the world. The shooting down of the Malaysian airliner over the Ukraine will be but one of many such tragedies. Once again Israel is being forced to defend itself from the terrorists who run Gaza. Once again Israel has had to drop bombs and send tanks and ground troops into Gaza to blow up tunnels and destroy the missile sites Hamas has been using to rain hundreds of rockets down on Israel's farms and cities. And once again the Jews of Hollywood are silent. Big surprise??? The supporters of the ironically titled “Affordable Care Act”are attempting to downplay their latest legal defeats by pretending that they are disappointing but inconsequential stumbles in the law’slong march toward the pantheon of nanny state entitlements. These people are whistling past the graveyard. In fact, the president’s“signature domestic achievement” is moribund.It is a congressional crack baby afflicted with multiple organ failures caused by the Democrat addiction to corrupt bargains and unconstitutional edicts. They have broken...and continue to break...the law of the land. There should be many trials. Does this give you a mental image of Harry Reid, in prison orange garb, hanging onto the belt loop of a 250 pound gang-banger from Guatemala? Celeb has a price tag! Treason costs much, much more!!!First reported by Breitbart News, the National Border Patrol Council – a union representing thousands of U.S. Border Patrol agents nationwide – accused the Transportation Security Administration of letting illegal aliens board commercial airplanes with a "Notice to Appear" document (sample above) instead of the official government identification card required of American citizens or a passport as required by non-citizens. The conservative legal watchdogs at Judicial Watch CONFIRMED through a high-level anonymous source at the Department of Homeland Security that this was EXACTLY WHAT WAS HAPPENING – and by all accounts but that of the TSA this illegal policy STILL IS IN EFFECT! The MOST BASIC border security laws are NO LONGER OPERATIONAL even as terrorist groups make threats to attack us from within and the 9/11 Commission just reemerged to warn that terrorists are 'returning to attack us!' There are extant laws which cope with and restrict these unlawful acts...enforce the damn laws! Did anyone mention "Martial Law"? Beware the Jabberwocky, my friends, and spurn the frumious Bandersnatch! ( Thanks, Lewis )Jim Morris
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