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Tail waggin the dog

  LIFE ITS OWNSELF: THE TAIL IS WAGGING THE DOG...AGAIN!!!  According to the William's Institute review conducted in April 2011, approximately 3.80% of American adults identify themselves as being in the LGBT community...wherein ( 1.7o% ) identify as lesbian or gay; ( 1.80% ) as bisexual; and ( 0.30% ) as transgender, which corresponds to approximately nine Million adult Americans. Due to the vagaries of self determination, it is difficult to accurately record the demographics of the LGBT community in the U.S. but studies have produced a consistent statistical range of 1.20% to 5.6% of the adult population. The latest information was published on Tuesday (7/15/2014). The Centers for Disease Control issued its annual National Health Interview Survey which included the first large-scale study of Americans' sexual orientation,making headline news like this in theWaPo. It's entitledSexual Orientation Among US Adults. Looking atTable 1 on page 7...
  • It reveals that 1.8% of men and 1.5% of women are homosexual, while less than half of one percent (0.4%) of men and less than one percent (0.9%) of women are bisexual. The overall results are 2.3% of Americans are homosexual ("gay or lesbian") or bisexual, while 97.7% are fully heterosexual or "straight" ("not gay, lesbian, or bisexual").

    97.7% qualifies as being "normal," or there is no meaning to the term. Nonetheless, 98% of people cannot outlaw the other 2%. Freedom is the right to be peacefully different. The obverse, of course, is that the 2% cannot demand that 98% must obey the 2%'s orders - like forcing Christian bakers to make homosexual wedding cakes, or the 98% trash their most important institutions, marriage and the military.

    So how in the world do almost 98% of Americans allow themselves to be tyrannized by little more than 2%? ‘Tis a puzzle. And it won't cease being one until a substantial fraction of the 98% refuses to be tyrannized any longer.
So...why have Obama and his minions made such a strident--even passionate--noise for such a small percentage of the population? Were the LGBTs here when the United States were discovered(?) and settled? Did Tom Jefferson, John and Quincy Adams, Ben Franklin and the others see fit to make allowances for folks whose sexual preferences differed from the view of the church and single them out? Could they have omitted a few words in our founding documents to assuage the feelings and propensities of groups...other than citizens? Did the Declaration originally read "we hold these truths to be self evident that all men, including LGBTs, are created equal..."? Did it contain stipulations that gender redesignation would necessarily be inclusive or exclusive for those settlers whose sexual tendencies were a bit different? If that were the case, couldn't John Smith's relationship with Pocahontas have been...maybe...a relationship with "Skipping Bear"? If you're thinking, "Yo, Jim! That's impossible because the folks back then knew that the principles upon which our nation was founded were Biblical?", you're wondering about the tail wagging the dog yourself.So...once again...why are Obama and his acolytes so interested in such a small percentage of the overall population? What is it in their backgrounds that make them try to beat 98% of the population to death with the other 2%? Whenever I think about this, my mind conjures up an image of Barbara and Nancy swapping spit. Sometimes it's Harry and Chuck strolling around the Reflection Pool...hand in hand. Could all this drivel be a component of democracy or could it be a component of lunacy?Let us never forget that our Constitution was written not to empower democracy, but to secure liberty for the masses. 98% of the "masses" are heterosexual. We may not agree with the other 2% but, as long as we don't have to make choices based upon that miniscule percentage's sexual preferences or allow our children and grandchildren to be taught that homosexuality is cool, we don't have to emulate the Arabic countries and require that homosexual people be put to death.L.G.B.T. would better stand for "Let's Get Beyond This".        Jim Morris
Twilight Imagery, Inc.

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