Immigration invasion planned
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Immigration invasion planned

The Crisis Is Scripted and Its Outcome Is Pre-OrdainedBy Joan Fischer · Jul. 16, 20147 Comments    The mainstream media have now begun to consistently call the children streaming over our southern borders ‘refugees,’ inferring that the children have entered the United States because they are urgently fleeing from some kind of personal or political catastrophe in their homeland, such as abject poverty, violence or war. These children are not fleeing anything. They are beingsent here by their parents who have been urged to do the sending by the leaders of their home countries, and they have been invited here by the American president’s executive actions and public comments, and America’s lax immigration law enforcement. The Mexican government, which boasts among the most stringent border enforcement laws in the world, has also conveniently relaxed those laws in order for these children to traverse their country on their way north to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.In addition, the American government issued a ‘help wanted’ Request For Information (RFI), posted on in January, a full six months ago, looking for ‘vendors to help escort up to 65,000 unaccompanied alien children’ (UAC). Question: How did the U.S. government know that up to 65,000 alien children would soon be swarming across our southern border? If you think this sudden flood of illegal immigrant children is spontaneous, think again.The mainstream media are also foisting on us commentary describing the terrible dangers the children are facing in their ‘valiant’ efforts to cross our southern border (at least where that border still exists), and implicit in those commentaries is the idea that the children’s courage must be rewarded, and their plight cannot be ignored. This is, after all, a ‘humanitarian crisis.’The U.S., Mexican and Central American leaders who are orchestrating this mass invasion, and the American leftists who are wringing their hands in dismay at the children’s plight, are the same people who consider America to be a heartless, greedy, colonialist, racist empire. And yet they see fit to tug at the heartstrings of the American citizenry in order to justify the enormous, continuing influx of Central American children.As is customary, the cry is that we must ‘do this for the children,’ with ‘this’ being defined as the ignoring of America’s laws, the erasing of America’s borders, the destruction of America’s sovereignty, and the redefining of U.S. Border Patrol agents' duties from protecting our border to babysitting tens of thousands of young non-Americans who have crossed that border illegally.As usual, it is ‘the children’ who are being used by the American president, and his cohorts in congress and the media, as hapless pawns to further an abhorrent agenda, which includes further entrenching the leftist foothold in American government, erasing the concept of national sovereignty, and bringing America to her knees in front of the global community.A small but dangerous percentage of the ‘valiant’ children are also members of the Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) transnational criminal gang, one of the most notorious, vicious gangs on the face of the earth, many of whom have links with international drug cartels. Not only are these cretins freely entering the U.S., but they are attempting to recruit new members among the unaccompanied children who are crossing with them. This danger appears to have escaped the attention of those whose duty it is to inform us, and those whose duty it is to provide the funding and the manpower to ensure our border sovereignty. They cry out that there is an urgent need for ‘immigration reform,’ and yet they steadfastly refuse to enforce the laws already on the books. Rigorously enforcing existing laws would solve ninety percent of the problems created by illegal immigration, and yet those laws continue to gather dust.These devious leftist ideologues care about children’s welfare only insofar as it furthers their ugly agenda, and they are apparently willing to create an unending series of humanitarian crises in order to realize their unspoken goals. Just ask the 3,200 babies who were aborted yesterday in America, or the tens of millions of children in the democrat-run inner cities whose families have lived in abject poverty for generations as a result of their dependence on the politically-motivated empty promises of the agenda-driven leftist machine.This entire crisis is scripted, and its outcome is pre-ordained.Yet, if we decry the border crisis, we are, by inference, cold and heartless.I am not cold. I am not heartless. I deplore witnessing children being abused and used for purely political purposes. I hate the fact that the leadership of my country is premeditatedly seeking to collapse America’s healthcare system, education system, and economy. I hate that the federal behemoth is declaring states' rights no longer relevant. I hate that every American’s safety, physical and financial well-being, and future security is being compromised by a relative handful of power-hungry America-haters who now sit at the top echelons of our government. I hate that America’s own children are being declared irrelevant in all of this.There comes a time when even the most moral, charitable civilization in the history of mankind has to take stock of its own odds of survival, and react accordingly. There comes a time when the safety, security, and well-being of America’s people, both present and future, must take precedence over the purported needs of others. The concepts of survival and self-preservation must be stronger than the dictates of those who seek to define humanitarianism, especially when that definition is grossly and politically skewed.The flood across the U.S. border of both desperate and opportunistic humanity is occurring with the full approval, even prompting, of Barack Obama, and it is not about ‘the children.’ It is punitive in nature, as is virtually everything this devious rabble rouser has done since taking office. America must be punished for its past evils. Jeremiah Wright’s ‘God damn America!’ admonition did not fall on deaf ears. The unabated invasion is an integral part of the American president’s promised fundamental transformation. And the low information voters who placed him in office, not once but twice, are to blame. If and when America falls, it will be home-grown ignorance and apathy that wrote her epitaph.

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