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A few points from Jim Morris

Thirty-eight journalism groups are asking President nObama to stop using “pervasive” controls throughout federal agencies that prohibit getting important information to the public...the liberal version of transparency. According to the Society of Professional Journalism, the group sent a letter to President nObama this week outlining specific examples of excessive control, considered by some to be a form of censorship. “The practices have become more and more pervasive throughout America, preventing information from getting to the public in an accurate and timely matter,” said David Cuillier, president of the Society of Professional Journalists. “The president pledged to be the most transparent in history. He can start by ending these practices now.” This point might seem unimportant but perhaps, just perhaps, it's a turning point. There has to be a turning point...call it an epiphany if you wish...when America wakes up and views this man as the traitor he is.  As adolescent aliens flood into the United States, the nObama organization has moved quickly to freely furnish them with a full scope of medicinal, housing and other amenities...By contrast, nObama has failed miserably in keeping the promises (albeit empty ones) he made to American veterans in 2007. Candidate nObama promised, “No veteran should have to fill out a 23-page claim to get care, or wait months, even years, to get an appointment at the VA.” Sadly, the malfeasance at the VA clinics under the hand of nObama has resulted in the early deaths of many veterans and at the very least, neglect. While veterans wait for help, many are dying senseless, avoidable, unnecessary and often painful deaths. And yet, the nObama organization quickly called upon Arizona to instantly transport government crisis therapeutic supplies to the illegal aliens in Nogales. How is it, you may ask yourself, can a president whose ratings have fallen so far they smell like a fresh cow-patty continue to degrade our country's ability to protect itself and place the citizens of the United States at the bottom of the priority ladder?  The USA has failed itself...totally. It's elected leaders offer nothing but, the most limited of lip-service to chastise the traitor occupying the people's White House and, certainly, have done nothing – whatsoever – to stop him...Our true military leaders have been replaced with a new batch who will pledge their allegiance to nObama and the United Nations – not the United States – as the body to which they pledge their allegiance. Some of our best and brightest US Captains – still in war...still in harm's way...and still on the front lines – are now receiving their "pink slips" on the battlefield advising them that when they return, nObama will have no further use for them and they'll have to find a job...elsewhere. nObama is still actively purging our military of real leadership and summarily dismantling it. And no one in Congress seems to give a damn! They will all give a damn when they wake up one morning and the Mason-Dixie Line defines the China controlled northern tier of the once United States and the Russian controlled southern tier. They don't seem to realize that they will be the first group, no matter if they are Republican or Democrat...progressive or Tea Party...to be taken to the wall and executed. My only hope is that they are not taken to the VietNam Memorial Wall...that wall is for heroes! Their deaths should be ignominious.  One by one, behind closed doors in Washington, D.C.,, military officers explained what they did and didn't do the night the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya, burned...Together their 30 hours of testimony to congressional investigators gives the fullest account yet of the military's response...er, non-response...to the surprise attacks that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans the night of Sept. 11, 2012, and early the next morning. Transcripts of the interviews, with some names and classified information blacked out, were released Wednesday The nine officers, including retired Gen. Carter Ham, then the head of the military's U.S. Africa Command, described making on-the-fly decisions with only sparse information about the crisis unfolding at a diplomatic post and the nearby CIA compound. The nature of this investigation seems to be to further cower these former Senior Officers as an example to their replacements of what will happen if one should cross the self proclaimed diety...nObama.  Jim Morris
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