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Millions more wasted

With the deadly Benghazi attacks providing impetus and momentum, the State Department announced this spring that it would build a $461 million training center for diplomatic security personnel in rural Virginia.The Foreign Affairs Security Training Center, years in the making, would consolidate similar training operations in one place.To be built on 1,500 acres of public land that was home to the Fort Pickett Army National Guard in Blackstone, Va., the security training center will look and feel like a real U.S. embassy surrounded by urban-style streets, buildings, and facades, State Department officials announced in April.Some 10,000 students per year will practice shooting on firing ranges, driving at high speeds on race tracks, and detecting improvised explosive devices.It’s the kind of facility that not only might help repel the sort of terrorist attacks that overwhelmed the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11, 2012, but also prepare security teams for situations such as the current advance of Islamist insurgents on the U.S. embassy in Baghdad.This is absolutely the biggest bowl of "bushwa" I've seen or heard of since the last time Obama opened his mouth. The State Department folks must be much more than peckish to find a way out of the stygian morass of their own ineptitude and carelessness. Last I heard, the United States Marines normally provide protection for our embassies. Who better? Some civilians sent through a short course of "duck and run" who will still lack the tactical, ideological and patriotic mindset which is imbued into U.S. Marines from day one? This is nothing more than a token offering to enable State to say..."see, we've learned our lessons. There will be no re-enactment of Benghazi!" Except this empty TOKEN will cost us a proposed $461 Million, which, after the smoke clears, could top out at $700 Million to $1 Billion. about the added salaries of these ( ? highly ? ) trained killer/protectors. We're already paying the Marines...they're trained and in situ! After the thousands of lowly trained people are in place and the project abjectly fails, these people will be remanded to the unemployment rolls. This proposal is...expectedly and regrettably...another case of Washington throwing money at a problem, ineffectively trying to make it go away. And, in the end, their magnificent training facility will end up being a nursery facility for illegal alien children.Let me assure you of one glaring fact which should be crystal clear to any human capable of independent thought. The idiots who designed, concocted and/or conceived this idea wrote it out with crayons...they weren't allowed to use anything "sharp". Jim Morris
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