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Middle mess...like rats

Israel - Middle East
Friday, June 20, 2014"One very important lesson I took away from that experience of rats infesting my house in Austrailia  is that, while I did win a temporary battle, I didn't win the Big War. In time, the rats returned, and in full force. They always did.To compare the terrorist group ISIS with rats is, perhaps, an insult to the rats of my experience. I've read that even Al-Qaeda won't have much to do with them. That doesn't make Al-Qaeda a nicer organization. I suspect it has more to do with having a different strategyand methodologyfor implementing the same ideology.Like my rats, the terrorists have constantly been scratching away in Iraq while we have largely ignored them. My daily news feeds consistently contained some murderous bombing incident that most main-stream media failed to acknowledge.In fact Islamist rats have been scratching all over Europe with their demands for rights, and access to Sharia Law, and intolerance and persecution of Christians and Jews. We even have warning signs of a major flare-up in Libyabut will the West heed them? Will Libya or Jordan be next?Ironically, President Obama has recently made the following statements:"Guard against cynicism. I mean, the truth of the matter is that for all the challenges we face, all the problems that we have, if you had to be - if you had to choose any moment to be born in human history, not knowing what your position was going to be, who you were going to be, you’d choose this time. The world is less violent than it has ever been. It is healthier than it has ever been. It is more tolerant than it has ever been. It is better fed than it’s ever been. It is more educated than it’s ever been." (Emphasis mine)Tell that to the Ukrainians,Syrians, Egyptians and Iraqis. Tell that to the diminishing Christian population in the Middle East. And tell that to the three Israeli teenagers who were recently kidnapped. President Obama knows better than that. But he also trusts that many will feed on the spin because a compliant media largely supports him.Some occasionally break ranks.The Daily Beast cites Army Col. Kenneth King as recalling that when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was released from a U.S. detention camp, he told them, "I’ll see you guys in New York." At the time, Col.  King didn't take it as a threat. He knew Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was a bad dude, "but he wasn't the worst of the worst." Yet al-Baghdadi is now the leader of ISIS with some calling him "the most dangerous man in the world."Col. Ring went on to reflect:“We spent how many missions, and how many soldiers were put at risk when we caught this guy and we just released him.”Yet the Obama administration resolves to release more rats back into the field. Why?  

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