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From theDeax files in the Buzzard Roost News

All this B.S. talk from members of Congress about this proposed new legislation and that proposed new legislation - ( commonly refered to as a "law ) which is only enforced if it has new revenue ! Don't enforce most of the laws now unless it puts money in someone's pocket ! We have laws against anyone entering our nation illegally and we only have 21 million which have done that and live here like we owed them something We have laws that say if your are issued a visa to visit our country you must leave when it expires . Millions are here now on expired visas and our state dept ( AKA government ) does not know who they are or where they are .We have a multitude of crooked pols who will never face justice .

Birth of the Democratic Party

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Thank God he won

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In case you missed it .....the last election

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lie to voters

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