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Ol Henry J Cleviepin & Estee K Bibbles

Check out my friends new book -Ready for pre-order today.. Ayn Dillard’s book, Daddy Throws Me Up in the Air, demonstrates plenty of spunk and tenacity that will inspire others, who have had similar trials and tribulations in their upbringing, to persevere as she has done. It is a self-help book that encourages as well as coaches others in how to survive a difficult childhood.

A searing look at what the lack of love and feeling of empathy from a parent can do to a child. Ayn works her way through this unspeakable stress at a young age and gradually comes to terms over how to handle the loss of maternal support.

Janice Spina, Author, Copy Editor


Check out Henry J's Blog & BS sponsored by my ol buddy Jerry Reynolds & his rusty, trusty sidekick from the Carpro Show on WBAP Dallas, Tx , also now heard in Texas, Arizona & California. Now, before you make a mistake buying a car email ol Jerry or check out his car reviews to see if he has already drove one & did a review on one just like you're wanting.....he might just save you some beer money on that purchase. So go check it out at


Now folks if you need some jewelry for someone special here is the place to go. You can get one of kind logo jewelry...all kinds of stuff. Shucks, she even made our ol mama mule , Bessie, a necklace the other day....and I'm tellin ya, our ol stud mule, Puddinhead, is paying a lot more attention to her now !!!!!!

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We don't make jokes, we just watch the government and report the facts !!!!

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"when we makes jokes it don't hurt anybody, when Congress makes jokes they turn them into laws"

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