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Social Security

There is no S.S. account . Stop and think about it please . If your money was in a dedicated Social Security account it would make absolutely no difference whether the Federal Government had any money , any budget at all . The Social Security Administration could continue to operate and send checks out with absolutely no problems at all . They would have the money to operate on even if the federal government treasury went belly up .
Can you understand that ? Can you now understand what a great danger a $20 TRILLION deficit poses to this nation ???? Your SS money is gone and we owe $20 Trillion to boot .
So.... ask youself , Why would i vote to put anyone who is currently in office back in ? Why do we continue with foreign aid ? Why do we continue to waste $70 billion a year for under performing agencies like our department of Education ? Why don't we move to a sales tax based funding for our government ? Why do we need to file a return each year for money the government has already spent and has to borrow to pay us back ? Why do we need to continue to import illegals and 'refugees ' that we must support when it should be plain we cannot support ourselves ?
Why don't our candidates ever address these questions and even more importantly why aren't we asking them those questions and demanding answers ?
If you are concerned please feel free to forward .
Thank You

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